Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thrifty Thursday... DIY Match Boxes

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photo credt:

So here I am revisiting the personalized matchboxes again! I have done them and are very cute and actually pretty simple to make. My photo skills though, needs some work so I borrowed the pix from They have a great step by step tutorial including photos! Love tutorials that include photos, I'm a visual person. Next time I'll ask the hubs to take the pix as I do the project.

I went to my local grocery store (Big Save) and I bought a pack of I think it was 32 boxes for $1.89 and to our Craft store (Ace Hardware) and bough sheets of scrapbook paper for 99 cents.
First step was to seperate the inside box with the cover. I only covered the outside cover and not the inside box that holds the matches. I took apart one of the covers so that it layed flat and traced the matchbox cover on the scrapbook paper.
Cut the tracing out of the paper and glue it onto the matchbox cover. Do not cover the strip that you strike your match on. Very Important.

Next fold the matchbox cover back up following the creases from the orignal box and glue back together!

Done! Thats it, super fast!

You can use any type of paper that matches your party theme; origami paper, scrapbook paper, newspaper, wrapping paper or how about magazine pages.

Check out for step by step instructions and photos. They even go over printing our personalized ones on the computer!

Have fun!


Party Box Design said...

what a great idea

Collections from my Heart said...

thank you! some friends were talking about a cigar hour included in their cocktail hour and thought this would be a great idea!


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