Friday, May 21, 2010

Thrifty Thursday (on a friday)

So, this isnt so much a wedding idea, but its graduation today! Congrats class of 2010! Great job, Good luck and reach for the stars!
My friend Becky showed me this when she graduated back in.... well when she graduated. I thought it was so cute and hey so thrifty!
It's a Fruit Loop Lei
Also works great for stringing decorations at partys... like all the rainbow party ideas thats going around the blogisphere.
First you seperate the loops by color







At this point my hubbs was just playing with the camera, but it just looks sooo pretty doesnt it?

Then we took yarn that I had laying around the house and strung the loops. It took only half way through the red strand to get thoroughly frustrated with the fraying end of the yarn before we took scotch tape and wrapped it around the tip of the yard and squeezed it into a sort of needle tip.

Here is our work in progress, it actually went very fast, we were done before the second hour of Grey's Anatomy.

When all the strands were done we tied them together on one end and then twisted them.

Then I finished it off with a bow. Look how cute and fun it looks!
Congrats Graduates, have fun but be safe!


Helene said...

Wow, those are wonderful!!! How creative...and inexpensive!!!!

Collections from my Heart said...

Hi Helene, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes very inexpensive (yay) and fun to do too. Maybe something for you and the kids to do one day and then they can eat it too! ;-)

Charity Vazquez said...

That would be adorable for preschool graduation!!!


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