Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 4 Potty Training

(please note this was supposed to post yesterday so now were on day 5)

So we finally gave up on the pull ups idea and decided to go for big boy underwear.
Untill now its been good one day and then nothing but diapers for a week!

This past Saturday we noticed that I was running low on diapers again since I always say ok this will be the last case of diapers I'm gonna buy... and then I end up having to buy another one. Well the little guy can ask to put on a diaper so I told him if you can ask to put on a diaper you're being lazy and you can ask to go potty.

He most definately was not happy about it.
But he got used to to it. Sometimes it took a little entertaining on the potty to make him stay there.

But now, so far so good! Hes asking to go to he potty and we've only had a few accidents where he started to go and then stopped himself.

I must admit, we did start with the bribe reward system and he loved it. But after the 3rd day he said he didnt need a treat after potty.
Also by the 3rd day we stopped asking him a hundred times a day and let him tell us when it was time to go, which seemed to work well.

It has taken a lot of patience, a few underwear a day and A LOT of praise but (knock on wood) all is going pretty well.

He is very hesitant to drink a lot of fluids and eat a lot of food and at nap and bed time he struggles to go to sleep. We wonder if subconciouslly he is afraid to go in his pull up.
We tried explaining to him that he has sleep time underwear so its ok if he has accidents.

So what worked for ya'll??
Any tips for us?

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Jessica said...

I have no tips, we're still in the middle of potty training ourselves. Mr. Man is a little different, since he's autistic, but once we started with him and actually convinced him to pee on the potty, he just got it. Now he'll go in and do it himself although he's a terrible toilet paper waster. No pooping in the potty yet, that's the next step. He still wears a diaper for bedtime and naptime but he will ask to go potty before we put it on. If he's losing sleep and refusing food I might just switch back to regular diapers for bed and nap. Good luck!


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