Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Emergency kit for the car

I am sooo misbehaving! Look at what I'm having for breakfast...

Mango Lilikoi Pie and oh so delish!
Sandy from The Right Slice does a MEAN pie!
If you wanna get a fix you can check it out {here}

Anyway... back on the subject.
I try to plan... it hardly ever works out in my favor....
I hate being stuck somewhere and not have something or wishing I did.
Either that or I accumulate things in my car each trip out somewhere thinking I'll need this or that for my son and next thing you know my car is full of extra toys, clothes just a mess!

I finally decided to pick up a container from wallmart.
I put in a spare towel.

Extra change of clothes for warm, cold and swimming.
(as you can see I tried to color coordinate them so I can change it up if need be)

Some toys and pens and notepad for drawing, the lil guy loves to draw.

And then I put it in the back of my car.
No more oops I forgot this or that!
I also put in some sun screen and bug spray as well.


Meg said...

That is wonderful idea! I finally decided I needed to do this after many little potty incidents. I also include water bottles, sunscreen and some extra wipes. All these things come in handy for a mom-on-the-go! Have a great 4th!!!

Jessica said...

Great idea! I know I need an emergency kit with flashlight, flares, kitty litter for winter, etc, but this is something I probably wouldn't have thought of.

Julie said...

You are so smart! I need to do this too. I think I might even have an extra little tote container around here somewhere. Glad you blogged this - now it's on my to do list! Thanks!


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