Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good Reading...

Today I had the pleasure of reading two really great blog posts.
Both about relationships and both completely different as well and completely amazing at the same time.

I just had to share.

First one I have to share with my TV adicted husband who complains when after I've been lying in bed sleeping for an hour while he watched tv gets offended and upset when well... lets just say I dont give him the attention he wants.
(buddy, shoudda tried and hour ago)

Check it out over at The Idea Room
It's about keeping the sparks flying in your marriage.
It's got great advise about making time for your spouse, talking again, having date nite and turning off the tv.

The other article you'll find {here}
I cant even explain it
You just have to see for your self
Trust me... hysterical!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Jessica said...

Both great articles. I agree with them both but I think the second one is more my style.

Anonymous said...

Great reads!

I should really learn to pick my battles more...but I can't help but picking all of them. I'm an overachiever like that! ;)


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