Wednesday, July 13, 2011

going ons... and mixed fruit and berry sorbet

I have got a bunch of little projects I've been working on that I have to post, sorry for the lack of posts these days.
Besides being busy at home with tons going on, I've been busy at work as well with the boss being out of town so by the time I get home I'm exhausted!

I picked up a $25 desk a while back that was nice and long and I figured would be perfect for my crafts. I finally got the darn thing painted up.

I hand painted a little sign for my kitchen which you may have noticed {here}.

I started another corkboard...

Painting has started in the kitchen, I know this project will be a long work in progress.

I did however finally decide on the fabric for my curtian in the kitchen.

From check them out on my sidebar! Fab fabrics and good prices plus free shipping if you spend $35. (which will be no problem with all their great choices)

I also made a new bff for summer.

I saw this ice cream maker at Costco and couldnt convince myself to buy another kitchen gadget for $34. Then their coupon book came out and they had a $6 off coupon... hmmm that deal is sounding like something I cant pass up. Then the very next day I saw a post on The Pioneer Woman about mango sorbet (of course I cant find the post now) and I was convinced it was a sign.

Yup I bought it and made sorbet the very next day. It would have been sooner except you have to freeze the bowl for 18 hours.

I used whatever frozen fruit I had in the freezer. Added a bit of honey, lemon juice and a couple of scoops of yogurt. Blended them all together and then poured them into the ice cream maker.

I'm guessing because the fruit was already frozen it started to freeze up and resemble sorbet really quick.

That night dessert was mixed fruit and blue berry sorbet.
I looked like a professional. *wink* hehehe

I think he liked it

Somewhat Simple


PhotobucketA Little Knick Knack


Jessica said...

I wish I had an ice cream maker. Except I wouldn't make anything as healthy as sorbet, I'd make chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or something. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen!

Anonymous said...

oh how pretty is that fabric! I'm a big fan of simple bold prints like that. I'm sure it will look pretty in your kitchen. And how yummy does that sorbet look? Wish I could pop over for a little taste :) I'll have to catch up on your recent projects....take care and hope you have a wonderful weekend ~diane

Meg said...

Um, YUM! I could definitely use this today! It was HOT!


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