Friday, July 15, 2011

Kitchen Sign

I started this project so long ago and only now am I posting about it. You have probably seen this sign in the background in other posts such as {this} one.

I had a scrap piece of wood that was really long, I cant even remember from what project, it could be from our garage wall.

I liked the worn/aged look similar to all the hand painted signs you see in blogland and also like I posted about {here} so I tried to whitewash it sorta. Basically I just used watered down primer and brushed it on without giving it a good coat of paint.

Then I used my awsome Cricut and cut out letters on cardstock and then traced them onto the board.

I have not read the book Eat Pray Love but I liked the saying. It makes me feel like it matches in the kitchen the heart of the home, dont ya think?
Then with a small brush I painted in the lines with a lime sorbet.

I went slowly and carefully and did 3 coats since the green was so light.
And then I didnt like it and decided to go with a darker green.
Orignally I intended it to go over my kitchen window and then I got design ADD and decided to put it above my stove where I had a red kimono picture.
I havent attached it to the wall just yet 1. because I still have to paint the wall up there and 2. cause I just might change my mind once again.

So here it is for now and if you checked out {this} post you can already see that I rearranged some of the items around it.
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Jessica said...

Cute! Makes me wish (for the billionth time) that I had a Cricut.


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