Friday, July 1, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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Today I'm gonna do a  little venting. Boobies and Christy have a great platform for venting your frustrations and letting em out and getting over it.

 It's fun and every so often you need to get stuff off your chest so bare with me or please feel free to leave if you dont want to hear my whinning.

Fawk you to my hubbys job that now has him working on weekends and holidays!
He took this job so that we could have more time as a family, he felt like he was missing out on our son growing up... well fawk you and what you thought is what they should have told him!
Working late, working weekends and soon travel... seriouslly?
This has really put a strain on us and some days were barely talking and somedays were just fighting.
Fawk You ____

Fawk you to my hubby as well since now you working weekends and when you not working you going fishing. That leaves us with hardly any family time and time for house projects and ME time! Which you mama's know is necesary. Not to mention my etsy store that has been put on the back burner for way too long.

Fawk you to the development company that convinced us that we were buying into a first time homebuyer's affordable housing. Affordable my butt!
It stresses me out every month making ends meet and if it werent for a $3K mortgage I'd be a stay at home mom doing my esty store and the hub's job can FAWK him all they want.

Alrighty all done for today, hope everyone has a safe and fun filled 4th of July weekend!



Mad Mind said...

Men just don't get the whole family time aspect of married life. I have one exactly like that. And I thought our mortgage payments were bad.

Jessica said...

Ugh, that sucks. My DH would do something like that too--he'd say he needs time to himself to relax. I'd be really annoyed too. And OMG, I know you live in a higher cost of living area than I do, but I would feel burdened by a $3k mortgage too.

Tonja said...

Wow, sounds familiar...
New follower from FYF, come and see me some time!

poindextr said...

so sorry, sounds like you're really stressed out. Hope you both have Monday off together :)


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