Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Breakfast... It's whats for dinner

It's been a LONG day, seriouslly a LONG day.
I didnt plan dinner and I had nothing defrosted.
My friend Julie had mentioned that they were having breakfast for dinner and so I thought to myself,
(in Emeril's voice)
"Self, thats a great idea"

I had just seen this on a blog somewhere and I'm so sorry I cant remember where it was!
Anyways, its French Toast coated with Pancake batter!
Um, hello!?
How can that not be good?

I'll admit it right off the bat.
I - Use - Instant - Pancake - Mix!
Yes, the one where you just add water. Yup, I use that one, the generic brand too.

So I mixed up some batter.
Then added some vanilla, cinnamon and a tub of sweet potato baby food.
Uh huh.
And a little extra water to thin it out a bit.

I dipped my bread just as I would be making regular french toast.
The batter is a bit thicker than the usual so I flipped my bread several times and rolled the edges to make sure it was covered.

I threw em in my pan and cooked em up!

Ok, all I can say is...
Oh... Emm... Gee

I think it might be the texture but this was sooooo friggen yummy!

I fried some vienna sausage (the boy's fav) and eggs to complete the breakfast.
My son absolutely loved it!
When I put his plate infront of him he got all excited and squeeled "pancakes?"

He ate every last bit of his french toast, 4 sausages and 2 eggs.
I love when he cleans his plate.

I think this will definately become something we do more often!


Jessica said...

What a fantastic idea. I plan on doing breakfast for dinner later this week and I will definitely be doing this. I also like the idea of sneaking some veggies in!

Big D and Me said...

I'll have to try this - breakfast for dinner is one of my absolute favorite meals


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