Friday, April 20, 2012

My kitchen faves!

Centsational Girl is having a super fun Favorite Kitchen Gadgets {Linky Party}
It looked like so much fun I had to join in.

My Kitchen MUST-haves....

Absolute must have in my kitchen, this thing gets used almost daily!

This Crock Pot is a life saver at times!

I cannot even explain how amazing this dutch oven is from Costco and I scored and got it for $27.97

I also can't get enough of these Pampered Chef bamboo spoons!
They're great! (in the tune of Tony the Tiger)
They don't stain and they are easy to clean and they don't scratch any of my pans.

This little guy is great and looks so fancy schmancy when your girlfriends come over.

When baking I will not even attempt it without first my Pampered Chef Mixing Batter Bowl

(mine is just a sunbeam and it works just fine)

and speaking of kitchen gadgets I have to include my


I would love to have one of these babies...

Yes, I would kill for one of these

I would make pesto for everything if I had a food processor.

I'm not exactly sure why I havent picked up one of these yet.

Maybe my husband sees this post somehow and gets me something off my wish list for Mother's Day. 

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Jessica said...

Great list! I've wanted a silpat forever. I have a love-hate relationship with my Kitchen Aid mixer. On the one hand, my mom still has hers that she got before I was born and it still works great. On the other hand, we bought ours maybe two years ago and the lock and power switch both no longer work, so...I guess either buy an old one or get the really top of the line pro model.


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