Wednesday, April 4, 2012

hello april

March has definately proven to be a tough month.

I'm surprized ya'll are still around... thanks :-)
All I can say is Thank God its over.

The last week of the month, the hubby wasnt home not a single day (sad face)
I love being a mother but sometimes it gets to be so overwhelming when I have to do everything on my own.
This was pretty much how every day went:

I leave the house with my son by 6:30 am
Drop him at my dads by 7:05 ish
Be at work by 7:15
Work till 4:15 - 4:30
Pick up my son
Get home about 5:30
Start dinner, let my son out to play with the dog, 5 mins later run out to break up a fight with my son and the dog. Continue dinner.

10 mins later break up another fight between my son and the dog.
Swear the hubby under my breath for getting the darn dog.

Come back to cooking dinner, turn on the heater, but dishes away from the night before, wash home lunch dishes.
Go outside and break up the last fight between the dog and my son and demand he come back in the house now.

Give him a snack, continue with dinner.
Get him in the tub about 7
Dinner at 7:15 ish
Fight with my son that he needs to eat his food and he will NOT have saimen for dinner again.
Swear the hubby under my breath for being so damn picky and his son being the same way.

Finish my dinner clean up the dishes, son finishes his dinner and I clean up his dishes and its already about 8:00
Play time for a little while, swear the hubby under my breath a few more times for not being around.
8:45 (I know I know its late but I cant do it all) get ready for bed, my son starts to wind down and then the hubby gets home and he's up again wanting to play with daddy... and then my night ends once again at midnight...
I - NEED - A - VACAY!!!

My exhaustion from the last 2 weeks is bigger than calgone can ever take away.

Well, its a new day and a new month and I have plans to try my best to stay stress free.
I said TRY.

Also, have ya'll heard the news about Instagram being available for Android users?
Um, Yes! Hello!! It's about time!
So excited (squel)
I first found out about it from Kevin and Amanda over on her FB page.

Speaking of FB come on and follow me there and while you're at it you can follow me on twitter and Instagram too now.
(user name is RhiannonMariko)

So I'm even more excited to take part in.... Photo A Day April!

Come and join in the fun too!

Well, here's to hopefully getting back into the swing of things!

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Jessica said...

Welcome back! I think we all have those days/weeks/months/years. I'm glad your routine is getting back to normal--hope it stays that way and you get some time to yourself!


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