Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Gardening

So I mentioned last Friday about getting fit and being more active, boy I didnt know what I was saying at the time!

Saturday was a beautiful day and we all got out in the yard and worked hard!
First off we have our garden box right under our kitchen window.
It has provided us with gorgeous veggies for our table as well as family time planting and cleaning.

Check out the cucumber from 2 years ago...

I know, so wrong right?

Well it also has been a source for dust and dirty kitchen screens for some time and lets not forget the new puppy in the backyard... someone didnt give me the memo that they CHEW EVERYTHING!!!!!!

First we had to move most of my plants into pots and the hubby made a bench to put them on that I told you guys about here.
So since then we've been left with an empty planter box and a nice place for the dog to get all dirty!! It was time to go.

We dug out all the dirt and kept it on the side since it was good dirt.
I need to replant my hanging baskets soon, like 6 months ago soon. haha
When we pulled out the wood we found this against the house.... yuck!

It reminded me of when we were young we would put salt on slugs and watch them melt.
So you know what we did right?

We told the lil guy we were going to do an experiment.
We gave him salt and had him pour it on the slug and watch it melt.
He was sooo excited to do a 'sperment'

Vanilla was sure curious too.
My son watched intently on what would happen next.

Well, what happend was he was occupied long enough for us to finish leveling the ground where we took out the garden box and then we decided to move his toy box in that spot.
While we were at it, I also finished painting the trim around the window.

Again another project we started oohh... 2 years ago.


I plugged some grass in the bare spots around the toy box and hopefully they fill in quickly.
Also the bald spot we left taking up the toy box.
Grass... let me tell you will be the bain of my existence!!!

We worked hard and took a nice little nap but our work didnt stop there!
My mom called on her way to work and asked if we had time she wanted the hubby to mow her lawn as well. Well when the lil guy got up from his nap we packed up the truck and went down to her house.
I used the lawn mower for the first time.
Yes, I've never mowed the lawn before.
Sorry no pictures... that is one look I do not want floating around the internet!

Saturday was a great and productive day!
And I sweat my butt off!


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Jessica said...

Sounds like you accomplished a lot! I haven't been able to get outside for more than a few minutes to plant a shrub I bought--I have a clingy baby this week, lol.


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