Monday, April 23, 2012

updating hanging baskets

A while ago I put up these hanging baskets.
They have definately prettied up a rather plain backyard.

But it has been quite some time and the coco liners in them have definately seen better days.

Yikes not very pretty anymore, and the flowers werent growing so well either.
The potting soil was very hard, I'm sure making for not happy plants.

Yikes they look awful.

No, need for new hanging baskets, I got some new liners for $1.08 from Walmart.

Taking the old ones out was a dirty task, they were so brittle.
But I got them out and kept the flowers.
I put the new liners in and they already look good as new!

Put in some potting soil.

And then I replanted the flowers that were in there.
I had impatients growing and the great thing about them is you can break off a stem and stick it back in the soil and they will grow again!
That's the kind of plants that I like!

I gave them a good watering and hoping they do great in their new homes.
Wow, looking so much better!

Cost for each hanging basket - $1.08 plus tax
Total project cost - $5.62


1 comment:

Meddie said...

Wow, those coco liners are neat. What a great project.


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