Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Burp Cloths for a Baby Shower

So the little tutu wasnt the only thing I was busy making.
I was also hard at work making these "boutique like" burp cloths.
I've made them tons of times before,
actually even sold a bunch at craft fairs.
They're a really cool way to personalize a burp cloth or dress it up to be fashionable. Cause well lets face it, it's gonna be covered in puke any bit of help to make it look nice is a good thing...and it makes a nice gift, who doesnt need burp cloths?

I pick up a back of Gerber Tri-Fold cloth diapers. Make sure its the tri-fold!
Then pick out the fabric you want to use.

Cut the fabric in a strip slightly larger than the middle fold on the daper.

Iron back the edges where you'll be making the hem. I have a picture of that coming up later.
I like to cut the corners at an angle so that when you sew it down you get a nice corner with nothing sticking out.

Just like a present!

Pin it down to keep it straight as you sew.
You might also want to wash and dry them first because they will shrink.
I dont, just cause I'm lazy, and I know they'll wash em again before baby is born anyway.

Here is where I iron the fabric flat where I am going to sew.
(yes I made more than one... more than one shower you know)

Here it is pinned.

The type of stitch is up you to. Here I just used a basic stitch. I've used the zig zag pattern before and the really tight zig zag one that covers the entire edge.
How's my sewing ligo? hahaha can you tell I aint no pro? LOL

Here is the finished product.

I always make them in pairs, cause two is better than one right?
Ok that was cheezy. Sometimes I make matching ones and sometimes I make different fabrics in the same color scheme.

Great gift I'm tellin ya!

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Nikki said...

Great gift!!! Thanks for linking it up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

Kim said...

These are so nice, I'm not sure I'd want spit up on them :(. Thanks so much for linking, your blog is adorable.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

I sure do love some burp cloths!! I think I have made about 100 of them this year!! I know crazy! And yes, I have picked up the "other" ones that they sell. You did a great job! Everything is always better in pairs!

Suzie said...

Those are so cute. I did a tute like that a bit back, have some tips that might make your process a tad smoother. I really, really like the sunflower ones. I'm into sunflowers.
Suzie @


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