Friday, October 15, 2010

Meet My Maple

Meet my Maple

I shall call her Akemi.

Akemi means bright and beautiful; red beauty.

Maples dont grow in my neck of the woods. Who am I kidding, what woods?!
The weather here is too hot and dry.

I ordered her from the East Coast and have babied her since I got her. Even put ice cubes around her base to cool her off. My neighbor makes fun of me and asks if I plan to install a portable ac unit.
We've been giving her some miracle grow and she is now about 3 feet tall. Stil very bare but she's getting taller. I love her red color. We dont get fall here and to see her leaves change color is beautiful.

I hope she survives, I hope to one day sit under her branches.

Happy Aloha Friday Everyone! Have a great weekend!

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Mandi said...

Ohhh I hope the little guy survives! I tried to grow citrus trees this summer. 0 humidity and 115 degrees....needless to say they didnt survive after 1 day of missing their watering. Stupid nursery!

love your guts

Brandi said...

My husband loves Maple trees too. We planted one the summer after we bought our home 2 years ago. It seems to be doing fine, but hasn't produced many branches. Good luck with your tree. I think it's so cute that you baby it the way you do. I hope it grows nice and tall for you.


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