Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm baaaacckkk!!!

Hey guys! I'm back! Thanks for being so patient while I was gone and sticking around.
It was a crazy past few weeks and I'm still trying to catch up.

The Hoe Down for Hope turned out to be a great event! The best yet! I guess were getting better each year.

My friend Yvette at Kahakai posted a little about her night.
Go check out her cute lil blog here

She's sooo recruited to help us next year!

I also have to thank my friend Laurese for all the pix. Of course I didnt have a chance to take pix so I stole all these from her. She also came to my office yesterday with famed pix of all of us there! Soooo nice of her! Thanks Laurese!!!

Here was the article in our local newspaper that highlighted our event. 
And here was the event on the Kauai Festivals site.

This year's theme was dancing in denim and diamonds.

The venue looked amazing! They had a holding pen for a dance floor! Too cute!
Nohelani Cypriano was a featured performer and she was just amazing!

There was train rides, picture taking, minature donkeys, silent auction, live auction, beer tasting, 4 different food stations, awards, margaritas (yay) and of course country line dancing! I had to try it, its been years...

I made a fool out of myself, but I had fun!

Even some of our county officials came out to show their support.

Look at our mayor surrounded by the ladies.

This is my dear friend Michelle who is one of the co chairs of the event.

Got a quick shot with the hubs...
and then when the crowd thinned out I tried my hand at line dancing again.

whats up with my arms?!

We had a great time, worked our butts of and best of all made money for a great cause!

If youre interested in learning how you can help the American Cancer Society visit them here.

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Yvette said...

uh-oh, what did I get myself into??? just kidding, can't wait. I've been wanting to get involved with local charities for quite some time and offer my support. You know, cause we have so much time on our hands. hahaha


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