Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Min DIY Serving Platter, Cake Dish, whatever you want to call it....

I seriouslly cant belive I made this in 5 mins, really 5 mins!
Honestly I dont even know what Im going to use it for, I'll find a reason I will, I tell you!

So a while back I found this candle holder at Ben Franklin Crafts.

Kinda reminds me of my childhood. My mom had a bunch of them all over, I cant quite figure if its a good memory or not....
Anyway they were on the clearance table for

Yes, $2.45 PLUS it was an additional 50% off!
Yea, I bought four.

I also found some plain glass plates that was $2.99, PLUS 50% off, and you guessed it I bought four of those as well.

So I tonight I warmed up my glue gun, and put some on the rim of the candle stick, pressed that plate down right in the center and tada!
A Cake Plate!

Well its kinda small for a cake, so maybe a serving plate. I can put pupu (appetizers) or desserts on them.
To be honest, the small bead of glue I put on there is making me nervous, I might pull it appart and put some of that super strong craft glue... what do you call it??

I think I have some doileys in the closet somewhere and I can put the cupcakes Im making for a halloween party on sunday on them.
Seriouslly people, 5 mins!
Cost of each: $2.72

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Lori said...

I am going to do one with double stacked Christmas plates, large plate bottom, candlestick, dessert plate on top. I find those candlesticks at our resale store for 50 cents. Great job on yours.

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Great finds! I like to double stack as well, but no matter what you do it's so nice that storage isn't an issue!! LOVE that. I have a couple of cake type stands that I bought and they drive me nuts since they are so hard to store. Thanks for sharing :)

Yvette said...

oooh, I like very much! That takes great vision to put something together like that. I'm constantly admiring your posts.

lola love said...

So CUTE Rhi! Im doing a Tea Party theme for Elianas Birthday this year and this will be perfect to display all the different foods and desserts in the middle of the table! xoxo

Amy said...

I have done several of these and I use the glue E-6000. It works great!

Anonymous said...

adorable! LOVE it and love the price.


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