Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Wish List

I know, I know... Halloween isnt even here yet and lets not even get me started with Thanksgiving,
but I couldnt help to start a little wish list for Christmas.

I saw these on ebay a while back and kept them in my watch list. They were $9.99. Great deal but I dont know why I didnt just buy it!! I could really use these to hold back my curtians in my livingroom. I finally decided just get it! So I go back and they raised the price to $17.49! Story of my life!

Shatterproof acrylic canisters for my flour and sugars.
Cause we cant do glass in our house.

This would just be a dream come true... *wish*

I just KNOW I would make use of it!

Dutch Oven that I could use tonight when I try the Chicken Cacciatore recepie from PW.
I'm loving the lime green...

Definately need the mixer, how I went on for so long without one is beyond me!
But then the cheap frugal side of me says I made it this far in life without one then I can continue to live without this $250 big honkin piece of kitchen gadget that I have no idea where I would put it and instead spend the money on new lighing for my dinning room and kitchen, or I should say lighting not new since its pretty much non existant.


This Red makes a sparkle in my eye :-)
Hey its a wish list, I can dream... and speaking of dream... oh how I want our pergola to be done already without having to do the work.

One of these would be spectacular Mr. Santa, especially the last one, hint, hint.

Oh and you see that crepe myrtle? I ordered one just like it. I was sooooo super excited to plant it in my front yard. I took me forever to decide what to put there.
So I ordered from
on September 1st.... today is October 28 and guess what, still no tree!!! And no response to my emails either!

Ok, Im calm now, I have moved on...
and on another subject, I picked up some items on the clearance table at our local Ben Franklin Craft store that was marked down 50% off the clearance price.
I've got a project for this afternoon when I get home!

All photos from Google


Yvette said...

I occasionally come across Kitchenaid Mixers in either brand new or like new condition. Next time I see one at a garage sale, I'll pick it up and make your wish come true. :)

And by the way, most genies only grant 3 wishes. I think you are exceeding the limit. haha

Yvette said...

One more thing, I liked the Julie and Julia Project. It was entertaining, inspirational (in terms of blogging for money) and just plain cute. Most movies nowadays aren't wonderfully scripted, but I find you just have to take it with a grain of salt. If you have netflix you can watch it on instaview.

Helene said...

Do you have a Kohl's near you? I got my Kitchen Aide Mixer at Kohl's right before Christmas last year. I had a 30% off coupon that I received in the mail and then the mixer was already marked down by 40%. I got my mixer for only $119, out the door!!!!

Jessica said...

I'd love a new camera, especially one like that! I have a KitchenAid mixer (I use it all the time) but mine's just plain white. Did you know they have a lifetime warranty on the motor? I wish I had known that when my last one burnt out. Oh well. We got ours at JCPenney, I think, offset by gift cards.

We (well, I) have plans to put up a pergola by the front door someday. But that'll be years in the future. I hope you get your crepe myrtle soon!


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