Thursday, October 21, 2010

Haole Brownies


Dont take any offence please.
These are the best Haole Brownies I've had.
(I'm actually eating one right now as I type)

We call em Haole (How-Lee)
you may have heard them called Blonde Brownies.
Technically, Haole means foreigner and not white so its not correct terminology.

I had these on our Labor Day camping trip and for some reason I decided to make them like now, right now.
Well actually last night.
Why is it that whenever I'm sick all I want is desserts?
The recepie comes from the Kamehameha Schools Kapalama Campus.

Here are the ingredients. Pretty simple and I didnt have to make any trips to the store for anything speical, everything was in my Pantry.

How do you like my ultra stylish, beautiful storage containers   ziplock bags?
I've been searching for a while now for some glass containers that were just right and the only ones I've found are like $10 each, then I realized I should buy the plastic ones that look like glass but are shatterproof, cause thats the kind that we need in my household.
But again those are like $10 each, I can't bring myself to spending $30 on something that looks pretty when the ziplock bags are working for me.... for now, they are slowing eating at my brain and driving me insane!

So back to the brownies, you mix up the sugars, salt, baking powder and butter first.

I mixed this up with my handheld but after this it's ALL MANUAL. (cause the batter is too thick)
Hope you feel sorry for me and tell me where they're having a giveaway for a free kitchen aid... please!

I kept taking pix of the progess and my son kept following me around the kitchen saying Cheese! Cheese!
He wanted me to take a pix of him too so here he is.
My love :-)

So I add in the flour and mix by hand.
Then pour it into a greased pan and gently spread it out.

In the oven like this above and about 28 minuites late out it come like this below:

My son stood infront of the oven as it was baking and sniffing the door, it was precious!

The hardest part was waiting for it too cool off before cutting into it. And YES you have to wait till it cools.
Delish, thats all I can say.
Because I'm at a loss for words
Because my mouth is full.

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Ann said...

Yum and Yum... ahh so lucky to live in Hawaii!! Wish I were there now! Thanks for sharing.

Brandi said...

Hi Rhiannon! thanks for visiting my blog! this recipe looks really good. I can't wait to try it with my kids. lucky for me i have all the ingredients, and i won't have to make a special trip to the store!

Dawn said...

Yum-O!! Looks delicious!


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