Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{Mom Cave} Where do you blog?

Centsational Girl is hosting a contest right now asking us girlies, what is our "Mom Cave"
Ooooh how I wish I had a Mom Cave where I could run away to and have some alone time!
As of right now, it's probably the same as some of you out there..... the bathroom!
How sad is that? We have to run and hide in the pooper to get some peace and quiet,
 and sometimes not even that!

I just had to share some of my favorites with you.

And last and definately not least... Oh Gosh Darn it, I would give my left arm for this room, ok maybe not my left arm, but how can you not absolutely loathe this scrapbook room from Kevin & Amanda.....

You MUST go check it out, as if the room isnt enough her virtual tour.... I have no words you just have to go see for yourself.

So where is it that you blog or have your "Mom Cave"?


Jessica said...

My "mom cave," aka my sewing room, is a mess right now and I can't get anything done in there. I keep hoping the remdodeling fairies will take care of it, but so far they're no-shows. Usually when I blog I do it after the kids are in bed, either from the couch or from my own bed.

J. Kanani said...

Totally in awe over Kevin & Amanda's scrap room! I've been having serious craft room envy lately...especially since I have officially taken over the dining room in our little 2 bedroom apartment! You DO NOT want to see what my corner looks like! I've been on a serious crafting frenzy making paper flowers for Kid's volleyball team and goodie bags for her team Halloween party on friday...it's a DISASTER!


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