Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Baby Tutu

Maybe it's because I was a tomboy.
Maybe it's because I live with only boys.
Maybe its because under my tough exterior I am just a little bit of a princess on the inside.

Whatever the reason, I really like making these totally adorable tutus.
I am one day going to make me one to wear around the house, I promise you that!

A friend of mine just found out she was having a girl. At every doctor's appointment baby had her legs closed and was keeping it a total secret what she was. Two baby showers down, only 4 weeks before baby arrives and tons of green and yellow, they find out its a GIRL!

I was so happy to be able to give them something pink for their little girl.
Not to mention I was sooo excited to make them a tutu since months ago she had posted on her blog that if she had a girl she would totally dress her up in one!

I decided to go with white and 3 shades of pink tulle; light, fuchia and hot pink.

 First I cut them into 15" strips. The lenght will end up about 7" or so long.
The white tulle was 6" wide while the pink ones were 3" wide.

I cut a piece of elastic about 13" long and sewed the ends together. The elastic should be snug but not too tight or too loose either.

I put the elastic around my thigh (yes thats my thigh, dont look too close at it!)
and I looped the tulle around the elastic making sure the ends were even.
Then I tied them in a double knott.

Continue doing this one after another in a row.

In between the white I tied the pink. My pattern went 3 white, then 4 hot pink, then 3 white, then 4 light pink, then 3 white, then 4 fuchia, then 3 white again, and over and over repeating until all the elastic is covered.

Honestly there was no rhyme or reason to the pattern I chose it was completely random.

Here is the tutu getting fuller.

And here it is all done. The more tulle you use the thicker and fluffier it gets, its totally up to your own personal preference as to how big you want it to be. I chose for this not to be too big since its made for a newborn and they're small.

All done!

So here's my question... how do you photograph a tutu when you dont have a model??

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Nikki said...

Super cute! Thanks for linking up! :)

Kim said...

This is going to be so cute on the baby. Maybe you'll get a chance to get your inner princess out more often with your friend's daughter.

Just Jana said...

I love making my tutu's on my leg. I make sure to get a really good TV show or movie I've been wanting to watch and plop down on the couch to make my tutu's!


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