Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Min DIY Serving Platter, Cake Dish, whatever you want to call it....

I seriouslly cant belive I made this in 5 mins, really 5 mins!
Honestly I dont even know what Im going to use it for, I'll find a reason I will, I tell you!

So a while back I found this candle holder at Ben Franklin Crafts.

Kinda reminds me of my childhood. My mom had a bunch of them all over, I cant quite figure if its a good memory or not....
Anyway they were on the clearance table for

Yes, $2.45 PLUS it was an additional 50% off!
Yea, I bought four.

I also found some plain glass plates that was $2.99, PLUS 50% off, and you guessed it I bought four of those as well.

So I tonight I warmed up my glue gun, and put some on the rim of the candle stick, pressed that plate down right in the center and tada!
A Cake Plate!

Well its kinda small for a cake, so maybe a serving plate. I can put pupu (appetizers) or desserts on them.
To be honest, the small bead of glue I put on there is making me nervous, I might pull it appart and put some of that super strong craft glue... what do you call it??

I think I have some doileys in the closet somewhere and I can put the cupcakes Im making for a halloween party on sunday on them.
Seriouslly people, 5 mins!
Cost of each: $2.72

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Wish List

I know, I know... Halloween isnt even here yet and lets not even get me started with Thanksgiving,
but I couldnt help to start a little wish list for Christmas.

I saw these on ebay a while back and kept them in my watch list. They were $9.99. Great deal but I dont know why I didnt just buy it!! I could really use these to hold back my curtians in my livingroom. I finally decided just get it! So I go back and they raised the price to $17.49! Story of my life!

Shatterproof acrylic canisters for my flour and sugars.
Cause we cant do glass in our house.

This would just be a dream come true... *wish*

I just KNOW I would make use of it!

Dutch Oven that I could use tonight when I try the Chicken Cacciatore recepie from PW.
I'm loving the lime green...

Definately need the mixer, how I went on for so long without one is beyond me!
But then the cheap frugal side of me says I made it this far in life without one then I can continue to live without this $250 big honkin piece of kitchen gadget that I have no idea where I would put it and instead spend the money on new lighing for my dinning room and kitchen, or I should say lighting not new since its pretty much non existant.


This Red makes a sparkle in my eye :-)
Hey its a wish list, I can dream... and speaking of dream... oh how I want our pergola to be done already without having to do the work.

One of these would be spectacular Mr. Santa, especially the last one, hint, hint.

Oh and you see that crepe myrtle? I ordered one just like it. I was sooooo super excited to plant it in my front yard. I took me forever to decide what to put there.
So I ordered from
on September 1st.... today is October 28 and guess what, still no tree!!! And no response to my emails either!

Ok, Im calm now, I have moved on...
and on another subject, I picked up some items on the clearance table at our local Ben Franklin Craft store that was marked down 50% off the clearance price.
I've got a project for this afternoon when I get home!

All photos from Google

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Redi-Shade Giveaway at Funky Junk Interiors

Have you heard of Redi-Shades?
I've been stalking blogland entering any and all giveaways I can find, cause these shades are the shiznet!
Can I say that?

I wish I was hosting this great giveaway, but sadly Im not.
Donna over at Funky Junk is hosting a Redi-Shade giveaway here.
Go enter and stay awhile to check out her blog.
She's got some seriously amazing talent!

Or you can just check out her blog and not enter cause your entry would lessen my chance of winning.
hehehe ;-)

Mama Needs a 'Mom Cave'

How sad is this picture!
This was going to be my little desk.
Nothing fancy, plus its such a tiny area that was the only desk we could find to fit in that space.
I dont even have a chair!
See the computer tower under there? It doesnt even work!
We pull it out to sit on it when we use the laptop, which is NEVER!

I keep looking for a sweet chair that I can repurpose, and so far, no such luck.
I AM however working on a new corkboard that has been taking me forever!
No one told me glueing all those tiny corks took so much time!

Anyway, the mom cave contest over at Centsational Girl inspired me, I need a mom cave.... badly!
Although I didnt finish this post in time to enter, I will take on the challenge myself!
As I type I'm actually lying in my bed and falling asleep.

Keep posted for updates!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{Mom Cave} Where do you blog?

Centsational Girl is hosting a contest right now asking us girlies, what is our "Mom Cave"
Ooooh how I wish I had a Mom Cave where I could run away to and have some alone time!
As of right now, it's probably the same as some of you out there..... the bathroom!
How sad is that? We have to run and hide in the pooper to get some peace and quiet,
 and sometimes not even that!

I just had to share some of my favorites with you.

And last and definately not least... Oh Gosh Darn it, I would give my left arm for this room, ok maybe not my left arm, but how can you not absolutely loathe this scrapbook room from Kevin & Amanda.....

You MUST go check it out, as if the room isnt enough her virtual tour.... I have no words you just have to go see for yourself.

So where is it that you blog or have your "Mom Cave"?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


We have a winner of the $40 CSN Stores credit.

Using we got comment number 2! (BTW, how rare is that!?)
Christina from Christina's Adventures 
Congrats Christina! I have emailed you the code, please let me know if you have any questions!

Keep Checking back for more giveaways!
Thanks everyone who participated and became new followers! I appreciate the support!

Friday, October 22, 2010

FREE wedding printables

Are you planning a wedding on a budget?
Ok, lets be honest, who isnt?
We're not all that lucky to be living it up My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding style.

Post Cards and Pretties (love them) is sharing a FREE printable wedding set here.

Its a very cute black and white simple but elegant set which includes:
invitation, save the date, response card, wedding program, menu, place cards, table number, seating list and thank you cards.

How very generous! Go check it out!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Dont forget to enter my giveaway!
To day is the last day!
Winner will be chosen at random and announced tomorrow!

Haole Brownies


Dont take any offence please.
These are the best Haole Brownies I've had.
(I'm actually eating one right now as I type)

We call em Haole (How-Lee)
you may have heard them called Blonde Brownies.
Technically, Haole means foreigner and not white so its not correct terminology.

I had these on our Labor Day camping trip and for some reason I decided to make them like now, right now.
Well actually last night.
Why is it that whenever I'm sick all I want is desserts?
The recepie comes from the Kamehameha Schools Kapalama Campus.

Here are the ingredients. Pretty simple and I didnt have to make any trips to the store for anything speical, everything was in my Pantry.

How do you like my ultra stylish, beautiful storage containers   ziplock bags?
I've been searching for a while now for some glass containers that were just right and the only ones I've found are like $10 each, then I realized I should buy the plastic ones that look like glass but are shatterproof, cause thats the kind that we need in my household.
But again those are like $10 each, I can't bring myself to spending $30 on something that looks pretty when the ziplock bags are working for me.... for now, they are slowing eating at my brain and driving me insane!

So back to the brownies, you mix up the sugars, salt, baking powder and butter first.

I mixed this up with my handheld but after this it's ALL MANUAL. (cause the batter is too thick)
Hope you feel sorry for me and tell me where they're having a giveaway for a free kitchen aid... please!

I kept taking pix of the progess and my son kept following me around the kitchen saying Cheese! Cheese!
He wanted me to take a pix of him too so here he is.
My love :-)

So I add in the flour and mix by hand.
Then pour it into a greased pan and gently spread it out.

In the oven like this above and about 28 minuites late out it come like this below:

My son stood infront of the oven as it was baking and sniffing the door, it was precious!

The hardest part was waiting for it too cool off before cutting into it. And YES you have to wait till it cools.
Delish, thats all I can say.
Because I'm at a loss for words
Because my mouth is full.

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Halloween Fun

Got these ideas over at Kara's Party Ideas
and look at what great ideas they are!

Look more of those great lil peeps!
You gotta check out the Ritz Crackers and spiders!

How simple even the kids can do it.
BTW, dont you just love the pumpkin TP roll?
What a great idea!

All photo credits go to Kara's Party Ideas

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Burp Cloths for a Baby Shower

So the little tutu wasnt the only thing I was busy making.
I was also hard at work making these "boutique like" burp cloths.
I've made them tons of times before,
actually even sold a bunch at craft fairs.
They're a really cool way to personalize a burp cloth or dress it up to be fashionable. Cause well lets face it, it's gonna be covered in puke any bit of help to make it look nice is a good thing...and it makes a nice gift, who doesnt need burp cloths?

I pick up a back of Gerber Tri-Fold cloth diapers. Make sure its the tri-fold!
Then pick out the fabric you want to use.

Cut the fabric in a strip slightly larger than the middle fold on the daper.

Iron back the edges where you'll be making the hem. I have a picture of that coming up later.
I like to cut the corners at an angle so that when you sew it down you get a nice corner with nothing sticking out.

Just like a present!

Pin it down to keep it straight as you sew.
You might also want to wash and dry them first because they will shrink.
I dont, just cause I'm lazy, and I know they'll wash em again before baby is born anyway.

Here is where I iron the fabric flat where I am going to sew.
(yes I made more than one... more than one shower you know)

Here it is pinned.

The type of stitch is up you to. Here I just used a basic stitch. I've used the zig zag pattern before and the really tight zig zag one that covers the entire edge.
How's my sewing ligo? hahaha can you tell I aint no pro? LOL

Here is the finished product.

I always make them in pairs, cause two is better than one right?
Ok that was cheezy. Sometimes I make matching ones and sometimes I make different fabrics in the same color scheme.

Great gift I'm tellin ya!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Baby Tutu

Maybe it's because I was a tomboy.
Maybe it's because I live with only boys.
Maybe its because under my tough exterior I am just a little bit of a princess on the inside.

Whatever the reason, I really like making these totally adorable tutus.
I am one day going to make me one to wear around the house, I promise you that!

A friend of mine just found out she was having a girl. At every doctor's appointment baby had her legs closed and was keeping it a total secret what she was. Two baby showers down, only 4 weeks before baby arrives and tons of green and yellow, they find out its a GIRL!

I was so happy to be able to give them something pink for their little girl.
Not to mention I was sooo excited to make them a tutu since months ago she had posted on her blog that if she had a girl she would totally dress her up in one!

I decided to go with white and 3 shades of pink tulle; light, fuchia and hot pink.

 First I cut them into 15" strips. The lenght will end up about 7" or so long.
The white tulle was 6" wide while the pink ones were 3" wide.

I cut a piece of elastic about 13" long and sewed the ends together. The elastic should be snug but not too tight or too loose either.

I put the elastic around my thigh (yes thats my thigh, dont look too close at it!)
and I looped the tulle around the elastic making sure the ends were even.
Then I tied them in a double knott.

Continue doing this one after another in a row.

In between the white I tied the pink. My pattern went 3 white, then 4 hot pink, then 3 white, then 4 light pink, then 3 white, then 4 fuchia, then 3 white again, and over and over repeating until all the elastic is covered.

Honestly there was no rhyme or reason to the pattern I chose it was completely random.

Here is the tutu getting fuller.

And here it is all done. The more tulle you use the thicker and fluffier it gets, its totally up to your own personal preference as to how big you want it to be. I chose for this not to be too big since its made for a newborn and they're small.

All done!

So here's my question... how do you photograph a tutu when you dont have a model??

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