Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ice Cold Iced Tea and Thankful Linky Party!

When I think about my childhood I often think of my grandma.
She was everything to me.
She basically raised me and I lived with her majority of my life till I was a senior in highschool.
She passed away my second semister in college.
I was devastated. It took me a long time to get over the loss of such a huge part of my life.
She was my grandmother, the diciplinary figure, my inspiration, my rock, my friend.

One very vivid memory of her was coming home from school and she would be sitting at the kitchen table with her friend from across the street.
They would sit and talk to each other in Japanese because they didnt want me to know what they were talking about. They would watch their soap operas, eat oreo cookies and drink her homemade iced tea. Her tea was delish!
She would have glass jars in the yard with tea bags hanging out the top and we knew we were in for a treat.

This past Saturday my mom and neice came over and we hung out in the backyard, it was a beautiful day. My mom and I started talking about my grandma's iced tea.

I had to have some!

Fresh mint from my garden

Well it's not her recipe, its actually just crystal light, but I put some of my fresh mint and a shot of lemon juice and I could almost imagine it was my grandma's.

And it was such a beautiful day.
I am thankful for having such a strong amazing woman in my life.
I am also thankful that I was able to share such a sweet moment with my family this past saturday.

Come on guys, what are you thankful for?

It can be anything!! Thrifty finds, a completed project, family time... anything! Just link up!

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