Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Party Sweets and Treats

I never got a chance to share my son's 2nd bday party.
There were tons of pix, none all that great. But I want to show you a bit of the desserts.

Everything was super simple and casual. We did it right in our garage and had some family and close friends over.
We had a BBQ just hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and salad.

I made the pennants and the paper garland with my cricut!

Sweet Treats hung over the dessert table and I just love the paper garland. I will never buy streamers again! ever!

I made candy dipped oreos with sprinkles.
Not a big a hit as I thought they would be.

Infact these were the big sellers!
I was surprized that the wheat pretzles were the big hit.

I had originally intended to candy coat the marshmallows as well or chocolate dip them, but I never got that far... exhaustion kicked in and I went to bed. So instead I left them out plain and we had the grill next to the table incase the kids wanted to roast them. None of that happend as well and the kids ate them plain.
Kids surprize me sometimes.

And now for my hugest accomplishment, the cake.

It wasnt perfect, it wasnt even, but it was super cute and a huge hit!! So totally worth the little bit of extra effort.

And those were some of the sweets for my baby's 2nd bday... not a baby anymore.
Time sure does fly by doesnt it.

I'm linking to the parties {HERE}


aggieam01 said...

This all looks so yummy. I am sure he loved it :)

Shell said...

What adorable sweets!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh his birthday party decorations looks great! I love the banners you created and it looks so bright and colorful.... And the sweet treats look delicious. I would have thought that roasting the marshmallows would have been a huge hit...I love roasted marshmallows :o)

Happy belated birthday!

Blessings & Aloha1
Thank you for stopping by and yes, please do let me know when you do your "ABCs of me" post...and if you would also, link back to my ABC post, that would be great :o)

Jessica said...

How cute! I would have eaten a ton of the candy coated Oreos. Love the decorations, simple really is best.

Emmy said...

That cake is so awesome!! Love it! And love the garland and banners! Yes, often the things we put so much time into and do for us the kids end up not caring about.


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