Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have been seriouslly slacking on my sewing!
I have tons and tons of fabulous fabric just waiting for me to do stuff with it.

I've been working to get my etsy store up and running and trying to find time to sew is easier said than done around here. I have tons of amazing fabric from my favorite store and now my newest sponsor!!!

Have you noticed this banner up top?

Free Shipping on orders $35+

I'd like to introduce to you a sewer's/crafter's best friend... or at least mine ;-)

Fabric.com ---> Check out their button on my sidebar

They are my GO TO fabric store... why?
Because they have TONS of fabulous fabrics at great deals AND FREE SHIPPING on orders of $35 or more!

I'll be posting updates on my sewing projects soon as I get my etsy up and running, so check back for all the things I made with their fab fabrics.

Click here

Free Shipping on orders $35+

And I promise you will not be disapointed!!


Meddie said...

Can't wait!! Btw, are you going to post about the little one's bday party? I'm so anxious to see your creations =)

Meddie said...

Opps....sorry Rhi...I just read your previous post. Super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I really need to get my sewing machine out and try to get better with it!


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