Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food Crushes...

Boy, I feel like I've been so busy lately getting nothing done. I actually did get a few projects completed but then I can't seem to find the time to post about them.

I finally finished a gift I made for a friend of mine, I was going to wait to post about it when she got her package in the mail and I wouldnt spoil the surprize when she read a post about it, but I think I'm too excited and will share it with ya'll tomorrow.

Today, I was reading this post from one of my faves Kevin & Amanda.
She got to meet Bobby Flay!!!
Woah! How lucky is she?!


Photo credit to Kevin & Amanda

I just ♥ heart him!

He is one of my food network celebrity crushes.
If I ever met him.... ohhhhh.... {big sigh}... I think I would be so star struck.
Speaking of Bobby Flay I've been craving a Mufaletta, anyone know where to get one in Hawaii??

I've worked in the tourism industry for atleast 10 years if not longer and I've met so many different celebrities. Paul Rudd was one of the coolest, Harrison Ford was one of the sexiest, Alanis Morsette... OMG LOVE HER! she was just beautiful in person, stunning.
Will Smith was the most suave and his wife Jaida totally cool and way too skinny. Anyway... Im getting off the subject ...

I dont know what it is about Bobby Flay, he's so not my usual 'type' but he is just so cute and so charming! It is because of him that I started watching the Food Network.
That and because I was adicted to Iron Chef Japan... total crush on Hiroyuki Sakai.

Ok, so maybe not a crush more like admiration. I think he reminds me of one of my uncles, he's adorable. I wanted to name my son after him, the hubby said no.

I also adore Giada, she's the greatest.

Shes beautiful, talented and funny and I am flattered when people tell me I look like her.

Actually I think it's more when she does THIS that they think I look like her


So now that I have rambled on and on about my food crushes, more like chef crushes, I dont even remember the point of this post.

So Friday I actually have the day off and I've been hearing soooooo much about these things called Hot Cross Buns. I've never had them or even tried them. Apparently they are an Easter tradition so, because I dont work on Good Friday, I'm going to attempt these beauties:

They look sooo inviting. I want to eat them up, even the name makes me want to brew a pot of coffee. I guess we'll see, I'll let you guys know how it all turns out.
So what are your food crushes? or your plans for your Good Friday?


Jessica said...

Food crushes...Rocco DiSpirito, Tyler Florence, Jamie Oliver, Alton Brown and Giada. As for Good Friday we have no plans, it's supposed to be rainy and not that warm so our options will probably be limited. Maybe I'll do an indoor Easter egg hunt. Can't wait to see your post tomorrow and to find out how your hot cross buns turn out.

Helene said...

Okay, wait....I got stuck at the point where you said you met Paul Rudd!!! Seriously???!! OMG, he's one of my celebrity crushes!!! My husband googled him one day and found out he was married and I was all bummed if I stood a chance, right? LOL!!

Bobby Flay is awesome, too! Love him on that new show America's Next Restaurant! There is something very sexy about him!!!

How did I not know you were in Kauai (can't spell it, sorry!) My hubby and I want to go somewhere romantic next year on our 10th anniversary without the kids and we were talking about Kauai because it's tropical and soooo quiet!!!


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