Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garage Wall Project

This is by far the hugest project we tackled yet. (of course more to come!)
As I have said before, my hubs, he is NOT handy. He can sure fix a car but to hang a screen door... thats a whole other story!
We've been wanting to put a partial wall on the side of our garage for quite some time now. If we hang out or cookout in our garage during rainy season, we FREEZE our butts off and the rain blows right in. I didnt want to completely enclose it because thats the side the wind comes from and our house is hot as hell! And, I hang my laundry in the garage and it dries so fast!

Excuse after excuse and the wall was still not up.
1. Didnt pick up the lumber
2. Need help
3. FIL can't help cause he's renovating his own home
4. No time
5. Dont know how

We'll a HUGE thank you to our friends Chad and Mike who lit the fire under our butts. One Saturday they showed up and went to work.
 (the girls had kid and lunch duty, but I really wanted to be the one hammering in those nails)

Here is our garage the morning of
(its not usually that messy I promise)

from the sidewalk
from the driveway

We dont even own tools except for ONE hammer and a skill saw, oh and a level, but thats about it!
Alright, well we had a late start but they got right to work. After I tried to shove food in their face and coffee down their throats and they refused.

Oh and I cant forget to thank my co-worker Bronson who stopped at my house after a "pain in the butt" job and drilled the holes in my garage slab and set the anchors for us! YAY! One less thing to worry about and one less tool to borrow! Hehehe

So the framing went up really fast. You see my hubs and Chad working really hard? They look like county workers as Mike does all the real work (he works for the state as why)! HAHA just kidding boys!

(is my hubs on the phone?!?! I think he was giving someone car advise)

The kiddos keeping themselves occupied in the backyard :-)

Yay the hubs finally working... haha Im just kidding he did help.

And then...

The inside all done

Oops I didnt take an after pix of the outside with the trim. Well it looks like the inside but with the 1X2 trim to match the rest of the exterior of the house.

Ok so its not completely done, we still have to paint. I've started to primer it and paint should be on by this weekend... I HOPE!!!

The kids are already enjoying the garage...
(see the paint is there I just have to find the time to do it!)

And here we are right after...

(I stole this pix from my friend's fb)

We were soooo happy with the boy's work, we celebrated by cooking out and having dinner in the garage!

(hes such a ham!)

It feels soooo wonderful this project is FINALLY done!
Thanks to our friends who helped us out, we had a great time!!! Hope you did too cause you guys coming back to extend the patio in the backyard! ;-)

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Helene said...

It looks great!!!! Doesn't it feel so good to get a house project done? I always dread doing stuff like that but then once it's done, I'm so thrilled I did it!

Meg said...

Lovely! I loved how you celebrated. Look at all those happy faces! Must mean it was a success. Great job.

Thanks for linking to my Friday link party! I love to see you there!

- Brittany said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I tried to comment on this last week, but something happened ;-(. Not sure why my comment didn't post. That is a huge transformation. Hope you had a great labor day.



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