Monday, November 28, 2011

a long weekend and into cyber monday

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!
I know I sure did... I thought I'd be lazy and just take the weekend to relax (it was much needed!) but instead we were super productive!

Friday I actually ventured out and did a little of shopping. My son wanted to hang out with his papa and my dad told me to go do my errands so I ran around and got some pretty good deals and checked some things off my Christmas list.

I DID NOT go out for the crazy Black Friday, no way!

Saturday we got the usual chores done and my little helper is getting more and more helpful every week! He vacuumed the livingroom with a smile on his face.

I finished the rest of the house and did laundry and cleaned the bathrooms while he went outside with his daddy and mowed the lawn.

I dont know who I was more proud of, the hubs or the lil man.
They even cleaned out my garden, took out the weeds and replanted my green onions!

Yesterday we planted a TON of grass plugs, uggh my arms are killing me today.

And speaking of today, it's Cyber Monday.
You guys picking up any good deals?
I stocked up on PJ for the next 2 years!

Check out this super cute list of Gifts for your Frenemy from
Totally made me giggle at the ideas! You have to check it out, atleast get a good laugh.

Cheers to Monday!


Jessica said...

I love long weekends too, but we didn't accomplish much this weekend. I'm jealous you can still work outside, the leaves are all off the trees and the grass is getting brown.

I didn't do Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I ordered a gift off of Etsy on Saturday, so I guess I participated in Small Business Saturday.

Christina said...

Sorry to tell you this, but your "baby" looks like such a BOY in that picture!! He's SO cute...and getting so big!!

Impulsive Addict said...

I love that pic of the two of them mowing the yard! So sweet!

Yep, I did pretty good today for Cyber Monday. I didn't pay shipping for anything. That's the best part!


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