Tuesday, November 8, 2011

an update...

Yesterday's post didnt go up as scheduled and today's post won't either.

As I mentioned in my 'Monday post' we stayed home this past weekend. My son has been ill and after a trip to the dr's last Saturday AND a trip to the Urgent care this past Sunday, let's top off this party with a trip to the ER last night.

Lesson here: A mother always knows when something isnt right and trust your instincts!!

I originally took him in for a cold. He began with a dry cough and since he has a history of wheezing and they're watching for asthma I figured better safe than sorry.
Diagnosis was a slight cold and they gave him a refill for his nebulizer.

We keep our eye on him and his cough got worse and he had a runny nose.
Called the dr's and they said it was a cold going around and to keep him comfortable and give him tylenol if he ran a fever.

This past weekend, the fever hit and as he slept I watched his breathing and it seemed shallow and almost at a pant.
We called the ER who paged the peds dr on call and were told that if he was breathing comfortably and sleeping dont wake him just let him sleep and bring him in the morning.

I woke up every hour and watched him breathe.

The next morning as soon as we got up and my lil man had breakfast we went to urgent care.
He received care rather quickly and the dr seemed thorough and patient. He even called the pharmacy ahead to confirm that they had the correct attachment for his inhaler.
We were sent home and told to make an appointment for Tuesday for a follow up.

Yesterday evening when we got home, I noticed he was just not himself. He was quiet and lethargic soooo NOT him!
He got really clingy and was just crying for no obvious reason. After about an hour of watching him and asking him questions he told me he was scared cause he couldnt breathe.
That was NOT something to take lightly and I was not going to wait until his apointment the following day.

I just kept having flashbacks of last year Thanksgiving! Dont want a repeat of that!

I rushed him to the ER, it was the LONGEST drive ever!!

Thanfully we were seen right away. The dr's and nurses worked efficiently and were very nice to all of us. After a neb treatment, a couple of nurses and dr's checking him and a chest xray he was diagnosed with a slight case of pnuemonia!
Mama just knew something wasnt right with her baby.
Thank goodness we went in and thank God for the nurses and dr's and everyone that he is doing fine. We'll be going for his check up in about an hour and I'm hoping to get hom and all of us geting some sleep.

I'll check in tomorrow if I have the energy.
I did however, get to be quite productive this weekend since we stayed home.

Got some really nice baby shower gifts done too which I'll share later!


Jessica said...

I'm so glad you finally got a diagnosis and the right treatment! You're right, moms know when something's off.

Meddie said...

OMG...poor thing. That is so scary to see him like that. I hope he gets better soon. Take care!

Helene said...

Oh no, your poor lil man!! You were right to trust your instincts! I hope he feels better soon!

Shell said...

Poor thing! Hope he feels better soon!

Impulsive Addict said...

OH gosh. Is he better now? I've been a little absent from blogger lately. That is so scary.


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