Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the nursing cover

**First of all I need to appologize for the photos in this post. I have been practicing with picnik resizing my images and putting a watermark and I dont know what I did, but half the photos ended up flipped when I uploaded them. I tried my best to fix it, but at 10:15 at night all I can think about is sizing up my pillow ;-)**

So a few times I teased you talking about the fab fabric I got and that I'd worked on some baby shower gifts, finally here it is. Well atleast one of them.

When I became a mother, I realized a lot of things people dont tell you, one of them, when you have to breastfeed.... you have to feed! It dont matter where you are.
There were times when I was shopping at Costco and when your baby wants to eat they want to eat.

From the begining I was determined to have this baby as a part of our lives and not dictate our lives so if that meant whipping my boob out in the middle of my grocery shopping at Costco then so be it.
What made it oh so much easier?
My handy dandy nursing cover!

I just loved, loved mine and so I can't think of a more perfect gift for a new nursing mother.

The first time I made one I used the one I found at Blisstree but I have since made a few adjustments here and there. I think it just depends how big or small you want the nursing cover.

I got two coordinating pieces of fabric and cut the main body at about 24" wide X 32" long and then one at 24" wide X 4" or so long for the bottom trim.
Also cut from the coordinating trim 2 more pieces about 3" wide or so and one at 10" long and one at 20" long for the straps that go around your neck.

Sew the straps together wrong side out so that when you flip them to the right side out, you'll have a nice trim edge. Then sew the trim fabric to the bottom on the large body fabric.
Press the straps nicely and also press the hem on the trim down.

Fold each side in twice and sew a straight stitch and then do the same with the bottom hem as well.

Now with the neck line, you are going to have to get a piece of plastic corset boning. I cut mine at about 15" - 17" long. Fold the hem in once and press. Then place the boning in the center of your nursing cover and fold over again and press. As you can see you made a pocket for your boning to go in.

Pin right next to the sides of the boning so it doesnt move around. You are going to take your two straps and tuck one side under the hem you just pressed right next to each side of your boning.  Straight stitch right along the edge all the way across.

You can see the boning is sewn right in there and wont move.

Go back to the straps and I sew a little square to hold it in place firmly.

At the end of the short strap I put on 2 D rings and then fold over the raw edge once and then once again to tuck it under and hide it. Then sew straight across atleast twice.

And tada!
There you go, super stylish and super convenient.
A life saver in fact!

This one I almost wanted to keep and have another one case it was too cute!
Please dont mind the mess behind me in the pix!
(always keeping it real)

Another update... here is the pix! thanks for waiting!

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Oops sorry I just realized I forgot to upload the final picture!!
Please be patient, it will be up later this evening.


Helene said...

Wow, aren't you crafty?? I love it!!! Not only is the fabric super cute, but I love that it truly covers everything so you can breastfeed without people seeing all your goodies.

Now, the question is...why aren't you selling these on Etsy?????

Amanda K @ Every Creative Endeavor said...

I love the material you used - it turned out darling. Thank you for linking up!

Jessica said...

It looks great! I definitely need to make myself one.

Shiloh said...

You're so right. a nursing cover is a lifesaver.:) You did a beautiful job. I agree, you could definitely be selling them.:)

Impulsive Addict said...

I had one that someone made me. Yours looks GREAT!!

Meddie said...

Very Nice!!!

Jessie K said...

I have one, but it doesn't have the bone sewn in. I've always wanted that. Maybe I could modify mine? I'll have to see!

Carrie said...

Nursing covers are a MUST, especially for pumping! When my daughter was in the NICU I had to pump, and it was so embarrassing. These types of covers helped so much. Wish I had your sewing skills, it looks GREAT!


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