Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the Halloween saga...

Growing up I wasnt allowed to participate in Halloween.
My mother called it the devil's holiday, so instead of dressing up as witches or cats or zombies my mother dressed me as an angel year after year and I went to our church for Harvest Festival. After I had grown out of dressing up, in high school I volunteered with the youth group to work the games booths for the younger kids.

Not saying I didnt enjoy it, I really did. I had so much fun at Harvest Festival, I have so many great memories growing up, but it just wasnt the same as going Trick Or Treating around the neighborhood with the rest of my friends and classmates.

It wasnt untill I was well into my 20's did I get dressed up and go out with my hubby and friends. Ooooh boy! This is what I've been missing out on?
How fun it was to dress as different characters!
How can you not just LOVE a holiday that you can be someone else, anyone else?!

I looked forward every year to picking out a costume.

I have to admit since becoming a mother, its even more fun!
I don't put as much effort or money into my costumes as before, but to see my son having so much fun... PRICELESS!!

This was his 3rd Halloween and we were having so much fun that I forgot to take more pictures! I know bad mommy!

It was sooo tough to get the kids together for a picture that I just snapped some randon shots. I was lucky to get my son to stay in his costume since it was so hot, the headpiece didnt last long at all.

It was amazing seeing my lil man walk up to the front doors all by himself and say trick or treat. It felt like he had grown up way too fast.

Then mama had to have a glass of wine to stop the crying. LOL


Jessica said...

How cute! I'm glad he had fun; I agree with you that they grow up too fast.

Meddie said...

So cute! I'm glad he was feeling better enough to go trick-or-treating!

Anonymous said...

My son wore the exact same costume!! Love it!


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