Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh Monday, why do you come so soon??

I started this post on Monday and fully meant to publish it, well, sorry, it didnt happen.
I'll post an update soon.

Seriouslly? Why does Monday come so soon?
Friday takes forever to get here and come the end of the week and you blink and Monday is here!

It pretty much stormed all weekend long here with flash flooding and they even closed down the bridge going into Hanalei.
We were supposed to go to a wedding on Saturday evening, but the lil guy came down with a fever and we were not going to bring him out in the weather we were having.

We had very restless nights the past 2 nights. The poor lil guy is taking his athsma meds and seems to be more comfortable, except that he's acting crazy!

Well, what comes with Monday's?
It's time again for:


This week is a freebie and this is just what I need to brighten up my day!

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