Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

I have had a very sheltered childhood.
No seriouslly I have.

For the people who know me, know that although I was exposed to way more than I should have growing up, there are a lot of things that I never got to experience.

I have never watched Goonies, and my hubby still gives me a hard time about it.
I never saw the original Footloose.
We never sat down for family dinners except for holidays.
As I posted about yesterday, I didnt go trick or treating.
And, I never carved a pumpkin.

All my son talked about this year leading up to Halloween was that he wanted a pumpkin.
I told ya'll about our fun picking a pumpkin, now here's our first pumpkin carving!

The pure joy and happiness this brought my son was absolutely pricless!

My boys, getting to work on their pumpkins.
Please excuse the shirtless hubby, I appologize.
We're in Hawaii, around the house, guys hardly ever wear shirts.

Ok, before any of ya'll go calling Child Protective Services cause I let my two year old use a sharp tool let me just say that he was fully supervised at all times!

Here he is with his first pumpkin! Well mama did most of the work, so it was MY first pumpkin as well!

We had such a great time, this will DEFINATELY become a new tradition in our house!

UPDATE: come check out some videos as well!

Creations by Kara


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

How fun to do that for the first time. And his pumpkin turned out so cute. We carved pumpkins this year too--I had forgotten how much work it was!

Oh, and Goonies was one of my favorite movies growing up. You must watch it. :)

Shell said...

Such a great job on the pumpkin!

No Goonies?????

Shell said...

Such a great job on the pumpkin!

No Goonies?????

Yvette said...


Ok, I'm weird. But go watch Goonies and you'll get it.

Love that you got to share that first experience with the little man. :)

Christina said...

awwwww!! SO cute!! It's so fun to start new traditions with your new family :)

Meddie said...

Not bad for your first time! He looks so happy. Yup, I never watched Goonies growing up either but I have watched as an adult being that the hubby just loves that movie. Also, this is only my second year on carving a pumpkin. I know can't believe we were missing out! But, we'll make up for it with our little one =)

Meg said...

What a great pumpkin! How fun you guys get to create all these new memories together. I think it's wonderful!


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