Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Big Congrats and a **Sneek Peek**

All the wedding madness is over and now time for some catch up.
I have to send a congrats to Chad & Laree

Please forgive the completely raw and unedited photos.

My hubby and the groom. The groom was his best man when we got married.
I have to admit seeing my hubs get all dressed up made me all tingly, hehehe, we dont get dressed up often.
It was a very nice wedding, very crazy but TONS of fun.
Big Congrats and thank you for having us a part of your very speical day!

This pix says a hundred reasons why I just adore this couple...

We also got a really nice family pix, which doesnt happen very often. I'm never in the pix.

Well with that being said...
I havent been very productive around my house with everything else going on and this week I have been playing catch up. Lots of projects started and not finished, gosh Im so scatter brained or is it just ADD?
There has been a lot of talk in blogland about people re-doing or sprucing up their pantrys. It started with this post here from The House of Hepworths about her HD shelf find. She spend $40 and got a huge shelf for her pantry and I loved her idea, but I didnt need that much hanging space so I got something smaller. I also fell head over heals for this pantry over at the House of Smiths. I dont have the space, or time, or energy to put into  my pantry. But, let it be known I am in LUUUVVVEE with what she did.

So, heres my sneek peek for my pantry re-do, just a little one....

Stay tuned....More to come.....

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