Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thrifty Thursday.... a find

Have you heard of Ebates?

I keep hearing people talk about swagbucks but I dont know how that works. I DO however know and luv Ebates. Who doesnt shop online? I shop, you shop, we all shop online :-)
(sorry that was cheezy)
Anyways, if youre gonna do it shop online then why not earn cash back!

Super Simple! All you do is register for an Ebates account. Click HERE. Then when you want to shop at your favorite online store go to the ebates site and look up that store. Click on the link provided by Ebates and they will start a tracking ticket. When you check out Ebates will credit your account for whatever percentage that particular store is offering. You can earn anywhere from 1% - 15% cash back! Only for using their site!
Choose from hundreds and hundreds of online stores.

You wanna know whatelse? When you sign up you automatically get $5 cash OR $10 gift card to select stores! AND if that isnt good enough...If you reffer a friend they'll give you a $5 gift card!

Go here and check it out today and start earning cash today!!!

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