Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thrifty etching

I honestly dont know why I didnt think of sharing this idea sooner!
Last night Im at my friends house helping out with the program for the wedding and she's etching vases for her centerpieces. I've done them for my own wedding and for gifts. I love making these for an anniversary gifts too. I'll etch the couples initial on two wine glasses and then put it in a basket with a bottle of wine, some candles and maybe some bath salts or bubbles.

photo courtesy of re-nest

Etching personalizes any gift and makes it look elegant. All you need is etching cream, contact paper, craft blade, and sponge or paper towel.
Its very easy and only takes a few minutes.

Check this video from Martha Stewart as she shows how simple it is!
She uses a decorative punch, but you can trace out any design that you want on contact paper and cut it out with your craft blade. OR even better if you have a cricut or a sillouette (which by the way Im DYING to get my hands on one cheap)

Can you imagine how beautiful and organized your pantry would look!?!

Here's another video from youtube on etching glass:

I appologize for not having my own pictures, but I didnt have my camera on me last night...*gasp!* I know I know I usually never leave home with out it.

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