Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One of the most important job you'll ever have....

Does that job description scare you? Didnt meant to, it's not that serious. Actually I think being a mom is the most important jobs you'll ever have and then a wife, but thats another story.

You've been best friends, you laughed together, you cried together and been there for eachother through the best and ugliest of times.... well the best is yet to come.
So your BFF has just asked you to be her maid of honor ***SQUEEL*** with delight, jump up and down, hug each other and plop down on her bed with a ton of bridal mags and wine. Sounds like so much fun doesnt it? It is, its a great time, its your best friends best time of her life.... and probably the ugliest also.
Your job as the Maid of Honor is VERY imporant. I think these days people dont understand what the duties of the Maid of Honor is.
Its an Honor to be asked to be the maid of honor, its also one of the most important next to the bride.
(yes admit it the grooms job is to shower, shave and show up)
You arent just there to hold the bride's dress as she pees you are there as her right hand, to communicate and coordinate all the little detials that the bride will be too busy to handle.
There is an entire list of duties for this very important role.
Sooo, after you and your BFF have squeeled and huged and cried check out this list that The Knot has provided. Its a very good source. (I wont bore you with the details)

and btw, congrats and enjoy the ride :-)

I thought this was cute heheheh

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Donene said...

thanks for the nice comments! how exciting for your BFF and You!!


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