Monday, August 23, 2010

A quick fix sunday.....

We had a super busy weekend! My hubby's family had their family reunion and it seemed like the weekend just flew by with not enough time!

Of course I had to get a little bit of cleaning and organizing on my Sunday morning.
Why is it that it seems like we just dont have enough? We dont have a ton of stuff.
Well today I tackled the spare bathroom. Its shared between my son, my dad and our guests so we try to keep it clean and simple. Our medicine cabinet is tiny and it's already full of pain relievers, cold medicine, first aid supplies, etc. and under the sink cabinets are filled with cleaning supplies and extra soap and toilet paper.
So where oh were can I fit more storage into my small bathroom... oh here on the wall!

(look can you see the edge of my mirror? Its on the to-do list to frame it out)

That is about the only free space in the bathroom besides behind the door and lets be honest, behind the door is wasted space, you just cant do anything with it!

Yes.... I bought prefab!

(sorry for the sideways pix, dont know why it keeps doing that)

Ok, so Im not as crafty, diy, handy as everyone out there so YES I bought a prefab cabinet. I'm just not ready to jump into a total diy project just yet! I'm working on it and have spare lumber and a plan, I promise!
So the cabinet came with these UGLY plastic knobs. (yea yea thats what I get for buying prefab)

BUT.... just so happend I just got in the mail these cute fleu de lis knobs I bought on ebay.

I changed the knobs I had on my hallway closets to these and took those to replace those plastic uglies.

Before & After

We have those round knobs all over the house, seriouslly EVERYWHERE. Every single cabinet in the bathrooms and kitchen. The developer must have gotten a huge quantity discount because every house in our neighborhood has them everywhere.

My son helping, of course... and then checking his work...

Looks like hes happy with it!

Ok so here it is, just a quick 10 min project! Ok fine I admit it, I got distracted with the knob situation and started switching knobs all over the place so what started out as a 10 min project ended up almost a half hour project. And we finally hung it up on the wall....

Yea, i fussed with it what seemed like forever. Moving things here and there.
 It looks to white and stark and plain.

I figured just let it go for now and leave it practical. Things will eventually find its way on there. But for now Im just glad to have more storage and in only a half hour! YAY!!!

My son is ready to go for more ....

(he actually saw me taking pix of the wall and came up and starting say cheese! gosh how time flies by cant believe my baby is a year and a half)

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