Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pull off a bridal shower in 2 days?.... yes its possable

So with only little over a week before the wedding and majority of the brial party coming in from off island 2 days before the wedding, one of my girlfriends still didnt have a bridal shower. Was it possable for me and her sister in law to pull off a bridal shower in two days? Yes, it actually was!
We had limited funds and time, how would we do it?

Well her sister in law called the family. Told them we'd be doing a small shower at the bride's home and to please bring their favorite dish with the recepie card to go with it. We never imagined what an amazing spread we'd end up with!

*note* i just realized this pix is upside down!

yes! i had to make the cake pops from bakerella

basket full of recepie cards! I'll have to borrow some later all the food was delish!!

her mother in law, sister in law and I all offered to bring different drinks and just look! we all had the same juice jugs! It looked soooo cute everyone kept saying how nice they were! LOL! I think they were the hit of the party.

pulled together some really quick decorations like those Martha Stewart pom poms

SUCCESS! It wasnt the most lavish party but we pulled it off, had amazing food and a great time!
What party have you pulled off in 2 days?


Mandi said...

Um no party like that! You are gifted girl! That food looks amazing, like I said GIFTED!

love your guts

Meddie said...

awesome job rhi! where'd you find the juice jugs?

Lehua said...

i LOVE the pom-poms!!! i was looking at those on Etsy to put in baby's room.

Collections from my Heart said...

@ Mandi ~ Thanks sooo much!
@ Meddie ~ costco and it was a STEAL!
@ Lehua ~ very cute for baby's room go to my tutorial and make your own super easy!


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