Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Favs Gift Exchange!

I know Ive been kinda MIA the last few days.
Sorry about that, sometimes you just have to slow down and enjoy life.

Saw this very cute pumpkin fire. How cute!

Photo via BHG

I've never carved a pumpkin before. Yes, you can feel sorry for me.
I thought it would be a cute tradition to start since we now have a child.... LOL What I also have never done before is buy a pumpkin. I have no idea how to pick one out. I went to the grocery store last night and well, they were ugly. Are they supposed to be ugly? You know what I also didnt know?! How darn expensive a pumpkin is! It's a fruit we wont eat, we'll leave it out one night, maybe two and end up throwing it away all for a minimum of $15 - $20.

On another note.... a few months back I signed up to participate in the Fall Favorites Gift Exchange organized by Every Crafty Endeavor.
You may have seen this button on my blog.

We received our partners back in September and the idea was to put together a package of our fall favorites. How exciting to get to know someone from somewhere I've never been!
My partner was Shelley F. She lives in Texas with her husband and 3 kids.
 We emailed a couple of times and shes super sweet.
I couldnt wait to put something together for her.
Well, here in Hawaii we dont really have a fall. Fall for us is well... rain and then hot, and then rain, and then humid, and frizzy hair, cant forget the frizzy hair.
So I put together a gift from Hawaii for Shelley.
And this is what I got from her....
I was too excited I didnt take great pix but it was so cute!

Inside this I ripped out a fall spice candle, it smelled soooo yummy! I lit it and the smell was so intoxicating, it really did fill my house. Made me want to eat pumpkin crunch.

How cute does this look? Shelly decorated it herself and made the treats inside. Not sure what they were but it was nutty and sweet, YUM.

This was freaking adorable! How cute is this pot? And she made it herself.

The picture doesnt do justice, this framed art is super cute.
And here it is put together on my entertainment center.
(cause thats how we do it when we dont have a fireplace)

I put it up next to my $3 Walmart find. I bought the arrangement just for the urn that I'll use for another project later!

Oh and my fav part.... that awsome refridgerator magnet!!
You see it?
Yes, call me cheezy but thats my fav part!
Thanks Shelley!
I love my gift and it was so great to meet you!!!!
Happy Holidays!


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