Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baking Project #3 Burnt Sugar Almonds

Third project up was this Burnt Sugar Almond recepie I got again from Tasty Kitchen.
Its actually very simple to make, BUT it goes by fast.
You must be sure NOT to get distracted and make sure they have your FULL attention until you leave them to cool.

This from the very start smells oooohhh soooo yummy!!!

Add the raw almonds....
and stir stir stir

 and stir stir some more
after this it goes by VERY quickly... hence the fact that I have no pix after this point.
You add in more sugar and stir for JUST A MOMENT LONGER!!
Dont over stir because TRUST me on this, if you over stir it at this point the clumps of sugar will fall off and all that stirring and carefully watching will be for nothing as the sugar will ALL fall off.
YES, I speak from experience!

So are they as delicious as they smell while cooking.... absolutely!
Go make a batch yourself and find out.

Im linking to the parties found {here}

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Allison said...

Yummy! Thanks for linking these up as well!


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