Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 Min Curtains

I have temporary curtians all over my house.
When we first moved in I bought some cheap plain stuff just to get something up.
I like sheers, or atleast I thouht I did. I must have them in every color, eeek.

So back to my brown on brown on tan on beige on white bedroom that needs color.
I've been adding more green in slowly and have been checking for curtains for some time now.
I just cant find what I want for what I want to pay for them.
I may be cheap but hubby only has one job now.

This is what Ive been looking at for almost 3 years now.

Fabric runs about $8 a yard and I would spend way more making my own, plus I'd be swearing myself for attempting to do it myself.
On a recent trip to walmart I saw these shower curtians

Looks really yellow in the pix. I notice those damn brown walls do that in my bedroom.
Im starting to not like the color I was sooo in love with, but I'm not about to paint.
 (My hubs wont let me anyway, he loves the color)
You can see the curtians {here}

I folded over the top to make a pocket for my curtain rod.

Seriously 5 minutes.
Ive never made anything in 5 mins.

So the sheers are tab top and the ones I made yesterday arent, so what.
So they arent the same lenght, so what.

I have new curtains and they were cheap!
And I have more color in my room.
Love that lattice/quadrofoil pattern.
The picture above is actually very decieving.
My room isnt that neat.
Lets be real, I have my christmas gifts piled up against that wall.

Yup thats more like it!

I'm linking to the parties {here}


Lisa said...

They look great! I love the pattern you picked and that's a super easy way to make lovely curtains. I'm going to have to look through the shower curtains next time I'm shopping!

Allison said...

Very pretty! Love that they were just a shower curtain and the pattern is fabulous!
Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...



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