Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whats for dinner Wednesday

I've been slacking lately.
We've got so much going on.
Maybe its the holidays as well.
We just put up our Christmas lights 2 days ago and they're usually up Thanksgiving weekend.

Anyways, I have been dying to see what everyone is up to for dinner!
I need new recepies!
Wednesday night before Thanksgiving we were in the hospital with my son, I posted about it {here}.
So we drove through McDonalds for dinner!
Oh my soooo against my religion!

Well my friend Yvette over at Napualani's Closet made baked ziti!

Oh, I wish I went to her house for dinner! I must try this, so simple and looks so delish!
Go check out her blog and visit her etsy store for amazing vintage items and her beautiful handmade jewlery!

Ok so here it is!
Link up your recepies!

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