Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog Design

Hey everyone!
I need your help.
I have decided to snaz up my blog and go with a custom design.
As you can see I have tried to do things on my own using tutorials and have FAILED!
Mine as well leave it up to someone who knows what they're doing.

So my question is, who do you recommend?

Looking for suggestions for a total blog make over, background, header, button the works.... but I dont want to spend and arm and a leg.


Shell said...

I HIGHLY recommend Frilly Coconut who did my design. She just closed her design list but will be opening it after the holidays. She's extremely reasonable, too.

Kanani said...

Total blog makeover? planning on staying with blogger? I LOVE Cinnamon Girl's work but kinda pricey for custom work and I know you were looking for something less pricey!

Another designer I love is Lilac Creative but she only does self-hosted Wordpress blogs which works great if you're planning on getting your own domain and hosting! I've never used blogger, mines is a self-hosted wordpress blog, so I'm not familiar with how Blogger works.

Good luck with the designer search!

Meg said...

Hey! I think your design is pretty good! I like it. But...I had someone re-do mine, too! I used The Girl Creative and I recommend her. She's very reasonable and does a great job. I also HIGHLY recommend a friend of mine, Rita's Sweet shop.
She does a great job as well. Good luck!


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