Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did you know or Do you care?

We have this radio show on our local radio station. The same disc jockey with the same lines for years and years and years. I prefer not to listen to that station infact, to be honest I shiver when I hear his voice. Its just so over played. He does a little bit called "did you know or do you care" where he shares random facts and then he does a trivia later where the correct caller can win a prize.
Anyway... the point of my post is that The Idea Room is doing a cute linky party about randon facts about yourself.
Well since I havent been baking up some kind of creation and all of my projects have been on hold recently I thought what a cute idea to share with all of you.

Check out the other posts as well. So fun getting to know random facts about your fellow bloggers!

So here goes nothing....
 I actually have curly hair, very curly hair. They used to call me medusa in elementary

Ok I was also a nerd, how do you like those glasses... hehehe
This picture is circa 1995-ish

I eventually lost the glasses but still had the medusa hair. Only now I was dying it blonde (sort of)
I constantly had dark roots, gezzz what was I thinking?

My girls and I.... we can kick your butt.  No really we can, but we wont.

I really enjoy training martial arts, but havent had the time or energy to do so since I got pregnant with my son.

And my big confession, Im adicted to ink

This is what our dinning room looked like for a while. No dinners here just tats!
If tattoos make you squimish or if you descriminate then dont read any further.

Its a work in progress, I plan on doing a lot more. The writing on the left is my middle name and the writing on the right is my grandmothers name. The cherry blossoms in the center have the character for courage and it stands for courage for a new begining.

Thanks for stopping by!



Jessica said...

I like your tattoos! I don't have any, mostly because I don't really have anything that I feel that strongly about to put it on my body permanently, and also because I'm a wuss. Somehow I'm not surprised that you've done martial arts training. :) Happy new year!

Christina said...

Love all of the facts about you...and I love your curly hair! Since my hair is STICK makes me jealous! But everyone wants what they don't have, right?

Alicia said...

Oh man, I so had those mid90s glasses too.

And I love the ink! My one large piece is on my lower arm, and I adore it.

Alicia {}

Yvette said...

I love it! You are such an interesting person, these are great little facts about who you are. The hair and glasses are classic!

Heidi said...

My brothers would call me madussa when I was little too. I always wished I knew how to kick someones butt! Martial arts would come in handy.

Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) said...

Love your blog and facts! love the curls! and i guess madussa would be cool, my nickname in elementary was cruella deville because it rhymed so unfortunately with my real name. :)

LeslieFreeman said...

Thanks for sharing your tattoos! My husband has two and is dying to get more done. I have always said that I wanted one but I have this huge fear of needles and am too scared to even think about the process!



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