Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Recap

My friend Yvette over at Kahakai formerly known as Napualani's Closet, posted about her Christmas Recap. It was such a sweet post, very real and heartwarming. 
You might remember I blogged about her blog{here} and baked ziti {here}

Reading about her Christmas inspired me to do a little recap of my own.
There was just so much going on and so very little time to sit back enjoy it all, much less share it all with you guys.

Just like Yvette and so many people out there, this year was financially hard for us. My husband came to the decision to finally leave the job that he had worked at for 10 years.
It had gotten to the point where he didnt like going to work anymore and when they cut their pay $4 and then increased their medical premiums the following week, he finally decided it was time.
Luckily he had been working a part time job that had offered him full time.
It was a hard decision for him to make, he had invested 10 years with this company and he was constantly learning new things and latest technology and not to mention having the income from one full time job and one part time job helped us to live without stressing out about making ends meet.

Budget is tight now, but I have my husband at home for dinner and on the weekends. He no longer feels like he's missing out on our little boy growing up, since that happens way too fast already. But most importantly, he's happy. He enjoys his job and comes home happy and for that I am thankful.

Photos courtesy of Kipu Ranch Adventures
(Note: I stole these pix from their website, my hubby isnt in any of the pix :-( buuut.. a pre-baby me is in the waterfall pix)
(another note: my husband is their mechanic and not a tour guide, excuse me he corrected me technician not mechanic)

Since budget was tight, we baked family gifts this year which I posted about some of my baking projects {here}, {here} and {here}

I got some really nice ceramic cookie jars from costco. A set of 3 for $10, great deal and 3 gifts!

I also made the PWs Cinnamon Rolls that I have yet to blog about.

They apparently were a hit because I ran out and still have to make more. I didnt even get my share!

Last year I must have taken a TON of pictures on Christmas day and while my son opened his gifts.

Hard to belive this was just one year ago.

This year I didnt take as much pictures. I'll probably regret it later, but I enjoyed spending time with him and opening gifts with him. He's grown into such a little man.

While at my in laws he just LOVED the train set my mother in law set up around the tree and having a chance to play with his older cousins.

It was a VERY LONG day, but at the same time very nice. Its been  long year for that matter. We are so blessed to have each other through whatever trials and tribulations we face. We are so blessed to have a beautiful healthy son. We are so blessed to have jobs to have a home and to have family and friends.
We are very grateful.

Now getting ready to gear up for 2011... oh what a ride it will be.

I would like to wish all of you a happy and safe new year!

 Im also linking with some of the parties found {here}


Shell said...

Happy New Year!

Christina said...

Aw the pictures of your little boy are precious :)

Just an FYI- I linked to your blog with my slipcover post...I finally used the CSN store credit I won from your blog! Come check it out...I'm so happy :)

Yvette said...

Thanks for the shout out again. It's amazing how much you do during the holidays instead of allowing yourself to sit back and just enjoy it. I guess enjoying the holidays means making it special for our friends, family and everyone else we care about it.

What I failed to mention in my blog is the real reason I've been so unproductive and haven't had energy to blog....hint, think of how we met. :) It's still a semi secret though for at least another a month till I tell work.


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