Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hawaiian Wedding Prayer

Photo courtesy of M&P Young

Hawaiian Wedding Prayer

E ka Haku, e kikua mai ia maua e ho'omana'o i ka manawa a maua i launa mua ai,
(Lord, help us to remember the time we first met)

a me ke aloha nui i ulu ai ma waena o maua.
(and the strong love that grew between us)

E kokua mai ia maua e ho'ohana i kela aloha i na mea ma'amau i 'ole e ka'awale.
(Help us to apply that love in practical things so nothing divides us)

Ke nonoi ha'aha'a nei maua i na hua'olelo 'olu'olu a piha me ke aloha,
(We humbly ask for kind words filled with love)

a no na pu'uwai makaukau mau e noi i ka huikala a e huikala aku.
(and for hearts always ready to ask forgiveness, as well as to forgive)

E ka Haku, ke waiho nei maua i ko maua male'ana i loko o koa lima. 'Amene
(Lord, we leave our marriage in your hands, Amen)

Monday, August 30, 2010

I have a what?

One evening we were hanging out in our yard with some neighbors and the subject of the lack of space in our homes came up. Two of my girlfriends have the same layout in their house and they were saying they have no cabinet space and how they wish they had a pantry.
I chimed in 'YEA! I wish I had a pantry too!'
They both looked at me and said, you do!
I was thinking, where the heck do I have a pantry, did they see my kitchen? It took my neighbors to
 point out my panty!
 OOH DUH! I guess I kinda do have one!

Ok so in my defense... when we moved in there was ONE shelf and it is small. I assumed it was a broom closet. And I used it for well, a broom and other junk. It became my junk closet. Everything I didnt know what to do with went into the junk closet and most times just got lost and forgotten. It was like a black hole.

Slowly by slowly I added a few more shelves, which was just so I could stuff more suff into the black hole.

Remember this post where I showed a sneek peek. Allison over at HOH shared her pantry makeover

and I dont know anyone who wouldnt be jealous of Shelley's pantry over at the House of Smiths.
(I can hear a chorus of angels)

Photo from House of Smiths

And most recently Emily over at Thrifty Decor Chick showed off her lazy susans

I loved all those projects... problem is, my pantry is about 1/3 the size of all these womens'. THAT makes me even more envious.

Ok, Ok brace yourselves, here is my broom closet   my pantry before

Quite scary huh!

I cringe everytime I open the door.

So after reading about Allison's new spice rack, I made a stop at my Home Depot. I saw a rack just like it, for $40! I dont need that much storage, of course I'll change my mind later.
So I picked up some of these suckers at $7

and this one too (I think it was $3)

The hubs hung it on the inside door
 (thank goodness hes better at that then hanging the screen door !LOL)

I immediately starting putting things in it.

Well I couldnt very well stop there! I had to keep going.
And that I did. I finally saw the back and bottom of the black hole!

Here I am starting to make progress.
I didnt take everything out and make a mess in my kitchen cause I knew that would just end up in disaster.

Ok here it is...

Those baskets fit my small baking spices and sprinkles and pastry bags perfectly.
And the hanging one for all my packaged spices and gravys!

Think I have enough pasta? hahaha

No fancy wall paper or vinyl or paint projects... but I finally have a pantry and I dont cringe everytime I open the closet door. I guess its still a work in progess. I would like to get some containers and baskets.
It would actually be nice to paint the back wall something bright. Slowly but surely...

This is the leftover canned veggies/soups, misc that didnt fit in the pantry.
(YES! I told you guys I have OCD)

When i get more organized and maybe another shelf and some baskets these will find their new home in there, then I can turn this into a wine cabinet ;-)

The best thing about it is since I've moved everything in there I now freed up 2 entire cabinets in my kitchen!! Yay! More storage!

Now I can do something about this unsightly mess above my cabinets

my roasting pan and crockpot

extra foil pans and serving bowls.

Now they have new homes and the tops of my cabinets are CLEAN! sooo... now, how to decorate them? Ideas? Suggestions? I would really like to get one of these:

So cute from L'alfabeto

Are fake plants still a No No?


Friday, August 27, 2010

{Friday Find} Look what I scored!!!

I saw her on craigslist...

I had to have her :-)

Only $10... and better yet... theres two of them!

I emailed the owner and guess what? I knew her! She emails me back
'is this the rhiannon i know?'

So funny how you reconnect with old friends!
So today I made a new friend, two infact...

I will name them Elliana & Mahealani

Don't you just love them? I do!
I'm super excited to get working on them.

Here are some of the fabric swatches Im considering:

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Favorites Gift Exchange

I've never done a gift exhange before!
So I'm excited to participate in the

Fall Favorites Gift Exhange

Hosted by Every Crafty Endeavor.
Head on over if you want to participate too!!!

We dont have fall here in Hawaii, so I've got to get creative!

Quick Fix (Thrifty Thursday idea)

Hi! My name is Rhiannon and I have OCD.
I really do.

If there is something that bugs me, it'll keep bugging me till I do something about it.
 And I'll fret over it, even have anxiety over it.

But strange enough, I also have ADD.

Well my point is... we had this in one of our cabinets in our kitchen

We keep our small shopping bags and produce bags for those stinky diapers.
But this mess... drove me insane! I used to fold them in tiny squares and put them in a plastic container.
My dad and hubby... no not so much. Leave it up to them and this is what the bags look like.

Seriouslly it was 10:30 last night.
I was refilling the wipes container and I got another one of those containers in the box from costco.
Every time I buy those wipes I get another container. What am I supposed to do with all of them?

ooohhh.... the light went on...

Why didnt I think of this sooner! Now no more messy bags.
I saw somewhere in blogland how to decorate these... anyone remember where I could find the instructions?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garage Wall Project

This is by far the hugest project we tackled yet. (of course more to come!)
As I have said before, my hubs, he is NOT handy. He can sure fix a car but to hang a screen door... thats a whole other story!
We've been wanting to put a partial wall on the side of our garage for quite some time now. If we hang out or cookout in our garage during rainy season, we FREEZE our butts off and the rain blows right in. I didnt want to completely enclose it because thats the side the wind comes from and our house is hot as hell! And, I hang my laundry in the garage and it dries so fast!

Excuse after excuse and the wall was still not up.
1. Didnt pick up the lumber
2. Need help
3. FIL can't help cause he's renovating his own home
4. No time
5. Dont know how

We'll a HUGE thank you to our friends Chad and Mike who lit the fire under our butts. One Saturday they showed up and went to work.
 (the girls had kid and lunch duty, but I really wanted to be the one hammering in those nails)

Here is our garage the morning of
(its not usually that messy I promise)

from the sidewalk
from the driveway

We dont even own tools except for ONE hammer and a skill saw, oh and a level, but thats about it!
Alright, well we had a late start but they got right to work. After I tried to shove food in their face and coffee down their throats and they refused.

Oh and I cant forget to thank my co-worker Bronson who stopped at my house after a "pain in the butt" job and drilled the holes in my garage slab and set the anchors for us! YAY! One less thing to worry about and one less tool to borrow! Hehehe

So the framing went up really fast. You see my hubs and Chad working really hard? They look like county workers as Mike does all the real work (he works for the state as why)! HAHA just kidding boys!

(is my hubs on the phone?!?! I think he was giving someone car advise)

The kiddos keeping themselves occupied in the backyard :-)

Yay the hubs finally working... haha Im just kidding he did help.

And then...

The inside all done

Oops I didnt take an after pix of the outside with the trim. Well it looks like the inside but with the 1X2 trim to match the rest of the exterior of the house.

Ok so its not completely done, we still have to paint. I've started to primer it and paint should be on by this weekend... I HOPE!!!

The kids are already enjoying the garage...
(see the paint is there I just have to find the time to do it!)

And here we are right after...

(I stole this pix from my friend's fb)

We were soooo happy with the boy's work, we celebrated by cooking out and having dinner in the garage!

(hes such a ham!)

It feels soooo wonderful this project is FINALLY done!
Thanks to our friends who helped us out, we had a great time!!! Hope you did too cause you guys coming back to extend the patio in the backyard! ;-)

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