Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anniversary Dinner

So last week we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.
My hubs took me to Tidepools at the Grand Hyatt Resort in Poipu.

I worked there for several years when we first got married.
I wish we had gotten there before the sun went down, this is such a beautiful restaurant.
You can see more pix here.
BTW, the photo in the banner at the top of the page, yup, thats where we sat. I guess being a former employee has its perks. Its a semi private hut with two tables, you dont even notice the other table there.
You can also check out their menu and wine list and dessert menus as well.

We were seated, love their staff and I'm not just saying that because I know them.
We started out our dinner with some pupus, thats local for appetizers.
Their crab cakes are to die for!

I actually dove right in and ate one before I rememberd to take a pix.
We also had the Poke, Poke, Poke..... all I can say is delish, delish, delish!

Sorry again, didnt get a pix.

We did pause for our pix, thanks to our waitress Marta!
I sooo wish you guys could see the waterfall just behind us.

We enjoyed a leasure dinner and of course was so wrapped up in talking story and the good food I again forgot to take pix of our dinner. I had the sea bass which was excellent and my hubs... of course... had the prime rib.
When I worked as a concierge we would go out to dinner all the time. Of course this was before a kid and a mortgage. Well, every place we go to my husband orders the prime rib (BORING, but if you know him you're not surprized) but along the way he created his own list of top 5 places on Kauai to eat prime rib. Anyone coming to Kauai, hit me up and I'll give you the scoops!
Tidepools was always no. 2 on his list with the no. 1 only passing it because of the size.
As of this dinner, Tidepools prime rib has climbed to first. He said their new cabernet jus bumped the old competition no matter the size.

Ok, so on to dessert. We always favor the chocolate soufle at Roys..
But tonight we had the chocolate molten cake... OH-EM-GEE

I barely had enough time to take this pix before this happened...

No it didnt collapse, my non-dessert eating husband dove right in.
It's better than Roy's

It was really nice to get out and enojy my husband's company. We always put my son first and sometimes forget to connect with each other as husband and wife. It reminded us not to forget.

These fish were actually swimming around our table just feet away from our... well feet!

And on a lighter note... how's this picture of us back before we were married, I think I was 20.

Here's to another 10 hunny! I love you!

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Yvette said...

Congratulations you two! You are such a sweet couple and great parents to your little boy. Tidepools is sounding really good right now!


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