Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Pt. 2

Im a little... ok a lot late getting this post out there.
Just wanted to share more of our Labor Day weekend.

My son, I love him.
But he also makes me understand why female animals sometimes eat their young.
I'm kidding, Im kidding dont get your panties in a bunch.

He's a very active and curious lil boy, I sometimes forget he's only a year and a half.
I remember my neice being so much more of a baby at that age.
Here he his with his first Oreo... atleast I think its his first Oreo, I've never given him one before this.

Oh how junk food makes kids so happy!
We try not to give him too much sweets, cause well he's active enough as it is we dont need to make him hyper. And I like to keep things healthy around my house.

In the begining of summer someone in blogland posted a week of towels. oh for the life of me I just cant remember who it was! I'm so sorry if anyone remembers who it was please tell me so that I can give them credit for this idea.
I enjoyed her ideas for towels, one week straight from hanging towels to making towel wraps.
 It was very cute.

Its been in the back of my mind since and so when I saw these cast iron fleur de lis hooks on ebay I instantly thought towel hanger for our backyard!

I picked these babies up for $10 and we hung them in our back patio for when we set up the pool for my son to play.

Yay serves its purpose and looks good too even when theres no towel.


I sat here under my umbrella that I got from CSN Stores with my winnings from the giveaway that Rachelle over at Fingerprints on the Fridge hosted and enjoyed my sunday.... actually it was Monday. Thats whats great about long weekends you just cant remember what day it is :-)

And watched my rascal run around the backyard and almost completely ignore the fact that I spent a good 15 mins blowing up his pool.

Must finish the day off with a popcycle that my neighbor actually snuck between the fence!
HAHAHA Classic!

It was a nice long weekend, cant wait for another one!

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