Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We went camping for one night during our long weekend.
(note to self, dont camp for only one night)

Look at that beautiful mountain.
This was the views behind us, and infront well.. just see for yourself...

Ahhh breathtaking isnt it.

Where in the world do you know of where you can sit at the bottom of a mountain and have your toes in the water?
(Toes in the water A** in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand, life is good today - gosh I love Zac Brown)

This is what my son thought of it all

It was his first time camping after all wouldnt you feel that way too?
He played in the sand and ate junk food, what else do you do while camping

My hubs got in some fishing as well as everyone else on the beach

and it just wouldnt be camp without a campfire

It burned from the inside out, it was so.... trippy.

I fell into a restless sleep with the sound of waves crashing on the beach and gun shots in the distance. Gun shots you ask? Well it is goat iradication. Strange combo I know, waves and gun shots.
Saturday night is in the books for this 2010 Labor Day weekend, nite ya'll more to come.


Jane said...

What a gorgeous place! Where is it? I wanna go!

Your son is adorable!


Barefoot in Portland said...

Stopping by from New Friend Friday!

Great pictures....looks like a great time. The sunset picture is beautiful. I cannot remember the last time I was camping!!

Karen @

Pam said...

Stunning view. OMG...your son is adorable!!


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